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Better off Americans donate their stimulus money


Since the US government began issuing stimulus payments in April, a group of volunteers from North Carolina has called on people in stable financial positions to donate part of their payments to help those badly affected by covid-19.

Within the first week of the Pledge My Check website being launched, more than $18,000 was pledged from 37 people across 11 states. As of May 14, it’s up over US$181,584 pledged from 280 people across 16 states. Individuals are encouraged to donate directly to the people, causes, or organisations they support because Pledge My Check is not accepting donations directly — so 100% of everyone’s pledges reach their intended recipients.

Other efforts are underway across the United States as well, with Pledge My Check reporting the largest sum of their pledges is being directed to local causes, primarily addressing food insecurity through Feeding America’s network of food banks and their affiliated food pantries. However, many people are simply donating directly to neighbours and others in their communities.

“The idea is to encourage folks to pledge in a way that is life-giving to them and others,” said Jordan Bowman, who leads a local non-profit organisation. “There is complete freedom in how people pledge, but we are encouraging them to consider local causes and to be creative in how they can use this money to support their neighbours, nonprofits, and small businesses.”

“This project is all about bringing out the best in our communities,” commented project co-creator, Ryan O’Donnell. “When the stimulus cheques were announced, I felt this was a simple way for people to help their neighbours.”

Lead project designer, Bethany Faulkner, added, “I’m fortunate to be in a stable financial situation. I wanted to help, and this stimulus cheque is an opportunity to redirect that vital financial support to those who need it most in our community. We built this tool to enable that and make it a community effort, even as we’re separated in our own homes.”

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