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New water purifier is no LARQ


When you’re out bushwalking or camping or travelling the world — or you live in a country you can’t be sure has bacteria-free drinking water — you’re pretty much stuck buying bottle water. Or, you can add iodine drops or filter the water through a carbon-based system. Now, new technology (pictured above) developed by LARQ has streamlined the process, offering effective water filtration at the press of a button.

The LARQ water bottle features the world’s first portable, digital water purification system powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. To ensure reliability, the patented, UV-C LEDs last 40 times longer than conventional, mercury-based UV technology.

The system is free of chemicals, ozone and mercury and relies on UV technology that’s already used by hospital staff to sterilise water. Water inside the bottle is processed using a UV light built into the lid. With the touch of a button on the top, the water inside is purified in 60 seconds. For added safety, the bottle continues to sterilise up to six times a day automatically.

As well as filtering water, the process also sterilises the bottle, eliminating bacteria prevalent in regular water bottles, without the hassle of trying to clean those tight necks and narrow vessels. The bottle can also be used to carry other liquids; it can keep iced beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages warm for 12 hours.

Apart from replacing single-use water bottles, the LARQ is BPA-free, made from stainless steel and there are no filters to replace. ​

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