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From homeless to millionaire


A man who used to live on the streets has become a millionaire at the age of 21. Harry Sanders (pictured above) was made homeless at the age of 17 when his promising tech business ran out of cash. Sanders spent the next year living rough, including, for a time, sleeping under a bridge. He also spent time at homeless shelters and couch-surfed at the homes of friends. To survive, the Melbourne man visited soup kitchens or asked food outlets for unsold leftovers. 

“Although there were a lot of negative moments, I think the experience of being homeless taught me a lot of resilience and matured me greatly,” Sanders told the Mirror. “I wouldn’t be the same person if it were not for that.” Everything changed for Sanders when he founded Studiohawk, a company specialising in search engine optimisation. Launched in 2017, the company is now global and worth a cool AU$1.5 million. 

While he was doing it tough, Sanders was determined not to let his circumstances prevent him from achieving his goals. Today, he is one of Australia’s most successful young entrepreneurs. Due to his life on the streets, Sanders is passionate about helping other young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams — no matter what circumstances or hardships they have faced in the past. “I owe my success to being homeless,” said Sanders. “Without it, I wouldn’t have been as pushed or as pressured to succeed as I had been.”

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