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Sikhs to the rescue


Sydney’s Sikh community has spent more AU$4,000 setting up a food donation program to help Australia’s elderly stranded in self-isolation. The “Turbans of Australia” — as they are affectionately known — have so far donated more than 1.5 tons of goods that will be delivered to those unable to head outdoors to shop for basic food items.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, volunteer truck driver, Amar Singh, said that while priority was being given to the elderly, the disabled, and others at increased risk from the coronavirus, his team was willing to help anyone reaching out to them. “The health directive of the mandatory 14-day self-isolation has left many people unable to provide for themselves,” Singh said. “We don’t want anyone to miss out on essentials.”

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Sikh Volunteers of Australia is delivering thousands of home-cooked vegetarian meals to the elderly and other vulnerable people unable to go food shopping during the shutdown. “We provide free food normally for suburbs in the area twice a week. Last time we extended our regular service [was] for the bushfires and we’re doing it again now for the virus,” Manpreet Singh, the group’s vice-president, said. “Some of those ordering are sick or disabled and we have had a few messages from people who are stressed and have quarantined themselves.”

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